Tuesday 3 April 2007

From the Opera to the Burggarten

The Opera

Gate to Burggarten and Palmenhaus

Cafe' Bar Brasserie Palmenhaus


Still Monday's enchanting evening walk.
I was standing at the street car station
and looking up at the Opera house windows,
when I decided I didn't want to miss that beautiful light,
and started walking towards the Albertina.

Opera house, Burggarten and Albertina
are all within steps from each other.


  1. WOW!! Beautiful photos!!

  2. Its all too beautiful.

    Anyway I shall be at the opera in 5 weeks in Paris! Yippie!

  3. Wonderful photos, so much to take in...!

  4. Some excellently captured shots...well done!

  5. Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate them sincerely!
    Simon, great, which opera will you be able to enjoy?
    One of my daughters is going to see tomorrow Parsifal at the Vienna Opera. I had to pass, because I am travelling.

  6. You seem to have a thing for reflections... And they are indeed beautiful!

  7. Cream:
    Moi, a thing for reflections?
    Somehow they seem to be everywhere, hard to resist. :-)

  8. I remerber this place, Palmenhaus, I went there sometimes with my mum to have a coffee and a piece of cake. It is such a beautiful place, and the inside is wonderful also, isn't?


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