Monday 2 April 2007

Monday Evening Walk

Reflection of the Vienna State Opera on the
pillar at the entrance to the modern wing of
The Albertina Museum and Gallery

The equestrian statue of Archduke Albert
by Kaspar Zumusch

The back of Vienna State Opera faces
the Hotel Sacher, housed in the white building
partially obscured by the equestrian statue.

The Albertina Palace towers almost 13 yards above city level.

DO & CO Albertina Café

Click here for more pictures from Albertina Square.


  1. The weather in Vienna must be good for people to have a coffee outside! Lucky!
    Amazing photos as usual!
    I hope you enjoy your Venice visit.

  2. cream:
    It was mild spring evening.
    Everywhere you turn in Vienna, there are outdoor cafes full with people.
    Thank you, I enjoyed walking the walk. ;-)

  3. Great photos, beautiful. Takes me back to when I was in Vienna long time ago....

  4. Thank you, Monika,
    I am glad I can share same sights that provoke good memories! :-)

  5. The architechture is so majestic, what a beautiful city!


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