Sunday 29 April 2007

She Went And Took A Hike

View from one of the many wooded hills of the 13th District.
The large building on center left,
in the far hills, is St. Leopold's Church
(Kirche am Steinhof, built by Otto Wagner).

She and a friend walked over the creeks and meadows,
and through the woods,
got lost once, got lost twice,
before they finally reached their destination:
A settlement of about 70 houses,
built in the years 1930 to 1932,
all designed by famous architects of the era.

There will be more photos and links,
in the course of the coming week.
Not today, tough. The long hike powered her out.


While waiting for the photos to load,
I found a particularly nice Venice post *) on this blog
(Saturday'post, actually).
Made me smile (for more than one reason).
And I smiled again, when I saw the title of the previous post:
"Garden Spying"
Would have been a perfect description of my own post today,
all in the name of interest in urban architecture, of course!
*)I see only now, on Monday morning,
that there was a link back to my blog also
("find the dachshund"). *chuckle*



  1. What a lovely Spring walk. As always ... Vienna is beautiful.

  2. far was the walk? I think hiking is fun & it is really good for you.

    The beauty of your walk is an added bonus.

    I am amazed at such contrast to the Australian colours!


    (BTW after yesterdays ride I am all biked out)

  3. As always, such an inspiring post...I love visiting your blog!!!

  4. Photo no 4 would be perfect as a poster, lovely! They are all nice but that one is superb!

  5. what a dream...lace curtains and green fence....lovely tulips...the flower lined pathway...

  6. Yes, I agree, it could be a painting. Lovely!

  7. I agree with Ilva, the 4th photo is especially beautiful. You could make it into a postcard or something.

  8. Becca:
    So good to see you again!
    I still can't believe that I am actually living here. Every day is an adventure in beauty.

    How far? Depends on wether you trace a straight line from point A to point B, or you follow our zigzag pattern (girls! PPS now definitely on my birthday wishlist! *grin*).
    I love hiking (and usually do it with maps).
    How are the Australian colours different? (And yes, hiking is easier an the ego, one smiles only indulgently on people passing by, usually they get stuck further ahead *grin*).

    Gypsy Purple:
    Thank you, you are so sweet! Hope you make it to Vienna for real, really soon. :-)

    Thank you.
    I'd love to live in a house like that.

    I guess Freud was influenced by the beauty around here. I'll have more photos from that place soon.

    I am all with you! :-)

    I shall walk back over there again soon (now that I know how to walk a straight line *laugh*). It's so enchanting, a kaleidoscope of beautiful images.


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