Sunday 29 April 2007

Last Evening Light


  1. I love big trees, I love sunrays and I love kitchen windows......can you tell that I love this post :-)

  2. The light on the trees was there one moment, and gone the next. Like magic. Morning and evenings I am always drawn to look for the different effects of light, and everything is so green right now, it fills one's heart.
    I hope Sring is progress well now in your parts of the world! You now have many of the unfolding beauties still ahead to enjoy. The apple tree in the garden here is now past its bloom, for example.
    I love my kitchen window. :-)

  3. just simply beautiful.. and the cello music.....

  4. Beautiful photos and loved the park. Was ready to sit right down in your kitchen and share the salad.
    The building of the tearooms I painted is still there, it is just tha tit is now just a private house without the tearooms.

  5. Simon:
    I have turned my desk sideways, away from the windows. Otherwise I would always gaze out there. :-)
    Thank you! I love my kitchen window. And that Park is already on my "to hike next" list, endless possibilities. :-)
    Good, the building's still there! Too bad for the loss of the tearoom, I love tearooms.


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