Monday 2 April 2007

Sunday in the City

That girl loves to bite off more than she can chew.

I had to take a picture
of that yellow tulip in the red vase!
Too bad, I couldn't focus better, through the glass.
Have you ever been standing in front of a really great photo,
and said to yourself,
"Gosh, I would've trashed it,
yet now, look at it,
framed, for 2000 bucks, I can see the beauty in it, too
!" -
I try to learn from these experiences,
and couragiously show you
the bad and the unfocused.
What's to loose, anyway?

Honestly, did you think "Biedermeier"
when your eye fell at these beautiful ciotole?

Cappuccino the French Way
Café Le Bol
Neuer Markt

Any of you readers out there have an apartment for five
for rent next week in Venice?
We are ready to travel. ;-)



  1. Oh yes, you must show us the perfect and the imperfect. There is beauty in imperfection and we love it all!!!!

    Cherry xx

  2. Loved the birdie...did she came calling to your home..!
    Many a painting ...however some of the Interior pcs which look so trash...and people lapping them up as if that was the best thing after Columbus find...:-)
    (Accessories looks that pic though prices are killer...are they serious...)

    Do you mind a 6th companion...:-)

  3. cherry:
    Thank goodness, otherwise I would be lost. ;-)
    I noticed the price tags, too. Seem stiff, but I don't know, this is all Murano glass, and then handmade, lots of work and knowledge.


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