Wednesday 4 April 2007

Monday Night's Leftovers: Grenadiermarsch

This is not a city of "falling angels"
This one is standing firm, high on the Albertina Palace.

Those sandals and those flower stems!
Paired by coincidence or by design?
Kärntner Strasse

See the bunny?
(And you thought there weren't any around here?)
Kärntner Strasse

Monday evening's walk led me past that tulip again.
Slowly fading into the vase.

Another one of Monday's encounters.
Please paint my day ultramarineblau!

Kärntner Strasse
There's no rabbit
like three sad looking rabbits.
(Probably tired of being suspected of laying eggs!
Colored ones at that

The bird that ...

... lays golden eggs?


  1. Loved the chain of

  2. Eggs and bunnies... Easter's here!

  3. Beautiful as always. You are really tempting me to come to Wien....

    ....City of Falling Angels; soon we'll meet there :-)

  4. I want some of that pretty colored dirt!!!!!!

  5. Krapprot? That's not normal is it? Better have a doctor take a look. :)

  6. love the bird and the egg!

    Lilah! you make me laugh!

  7. I also love picture #1 of the Albertina Palace. I know what it takes to build a structure in that way with those details (and the God), I would be hard pressed to even afford to pay for what is simply shown in that photograph. And the whole Palace is done that way...simply stunning when you stop and take notice.
    I love the contrast between the building and the sky in your photo.

  8. All photos are beautiful, but the bird is just amazing!

  9. Simon, you all think I was kiddin' don't ya!! Hehehe, that there was paintin' dirt and I want me some!!
    Those two browns and the blue would have me in that shop in an instant!
    Window shopping with Merisi is always a treat, but if I was there she would have to listen to me whimper like a puppy at all the goodies.


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