Friday 6 April 2007

Going West

Looking back to the monastery
and the landscape beyond,
with the river down below.

One of the entrance gates
to the monastery's public gardens.

Baroque Shooting Shed
in the monastery's gardens

The river's hidden by the alluvial woods,
along which sheep may safely graze on green spring meadows.

I was born and raised in Upper Austria,
on a plain high above the river Inn,
where an old monastery to this day is the cultural center
of the small villages around it.
I grew up with wide horizons, big skies,
the wetlands of the river,
large fields and meadows,
lined by poplar trees and birches,
stretching to the woods on the horizon,
both rural landscapes and the baroque architecture
of churches and small town market squares.
As a young girl my imagination let me play
with Tom Sawyers on the river
and Astrid Lindren's "Children of Noisy Village".



  1. "I grew up with wide horizons, big skies, the wetlands of the river,
    large fields and meadows"
    Me too.....but no baroque architecture. I grew up outside Abilene... cattle drives, shoot outs and the real wild west was my fare, but like you, my imagination and books led me anywhere that I could fly in my mind.

  2. everywhere always we back to the roots !! it's our "built-in" nature.
    About pictures. Those skyes are really superb!!!

  3. May you have a blessed and happy Easter

  4. These photos are amazingly beautiful. Sounds like your childhood was a blessed one.

  5. Amazing pics - sky was so awesome...lovely if somebody threw colors on big canvas.

    Thanks for the glimpse of your life.. glad to know that your childhood was full of dream. Luckily Mine too !!

  6. I love doors and gates and cemeteries... they lead to other places...


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