Friday 6 April 2007

Good Friday

There are no churchbells tolling the hour or the evening Angelus during the last days of lent, Good Friday through Saturday night (as children we were told the bells had all flown to Rome, I spent many a year trying to catch them in the act - the same happened at Christmas, with me looking for Pegasus flying over our roof, and I actually spied him once!).
In place of the bells, the village children call to morning and evening prayers with these old wooden noisemakers, the "Ratschen".
They also go from house to house to collect their rewards,
colored eggs, sweets, or small change.


  1. Thanks Merisi for a lovely walk! And Happy Easter!

  2. I love to learn about traditions from other countris.
    Happy Easter.

  3. It looks so Springy there!
    Here it's still hat + gloves + mufflers...
    32 degrees
    Feels like 32


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