Friday 30 March 2007

Cherries and Sachertorten

Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries?

The pattissiers at Demel's beg to differ!

And add their own sweet interpretion

Cherries + chocolate!

They also offer another vision, life as a long row of Sachertorten!

They work hard

Squeeze hard

Til the very last drop

And treat it tenderly.
(Am I a little sappy today?
It's spring,
when even the sappy get philosophical!

(For more of Demel's sweet visions click here.)

As always,
you can click on any picture to see a full size version.


  1. Nice pictures.. Just one query here.

    Do they allow people to go in & click when they are at work ?

  2. Did you catch him licking his fingers at all?

  3. @ Cream - actually that thought came to well...if not him...can we lick??
    I hope you saved a pc for me - cherry one pls.

  4. @ cuckoo:
    No, you cannot go into the kitchen proper, unfortunately. :-(
    @ cream
    Never once have I seen anybody lick a finger or do anything improperly. They have amazing control of their hands. And I really should have filmed, he was moving so fast up and down that line, working so precisely and at a steady pace. I have nothing but the highest respect of their craft.
    That cherry cake was in a very dark corner, but I liked those cherries so much (no flash allowed there, not that I ever use one anyway - one of the reasons I like my little Sony is her high tolerance for low available light).
    @ bendtherulz:
    You are welcome to it, just click ahead and lick (so to speak *g*), and have a piece of cake, too! :-°)

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Ilva:

  7. Mmmmm, you really tempt me. I thing I need something sweet for afternoon coffee :-)

  8. Mmmmmm WOW so nice. Hug from me in Sweden Stina

  9. I missed a few of your posts and looked at them now...some really great pics you have there....always a pleasure to visit!!

  10. Well, I said this at Ilvas blog:-
    I have missed being able to interact on beautiful blogs, becasue of business, but I am back!.... Merisi thank you for you photos. Like Ilva they are stress therapy for me! :o)

    I cannot load you blog onto my palm held anymore. I think the photos now take a lot of storage...

    Your blog is beautiful.. thanks!

  11. Thank you, my friend.
    It was nice to hear about your friend from Sweden.
    Have a good day. Hugs Stina

  12. I Know Demel..yummmmy I'm in love for Demel, also for the beautiful place I've seen in salzburg: all the walls, the sofa, and orchidee in light lilla, and a fascinating view on the chef lab..

  13. Oh wow! I am so glad I found this blog. I saw you comment at Andrea's blog. I checked your archives. Very impressive photographs. I will be coming back.

  14. You have such an eye for the details and a lovely sense of humor!.. The patissier's pictures and commentary are, well, I can't help smiling! Perfect! Thank you!


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