Thursday 1 March 2007


This is me right now, ready to throw the star. ;-)
The last insult of this grummy afternoon
provided dear old Blogger:
No uploading of any of my pictures!
I give up and go read Judith Viorst's
children's book
"Alexander and the Terrible,
Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Thanks are due to Rare Bird Finds for the above image of a hand knit Personal Amigurumi KNinja.
I really needed it today. ;-)


  1. Hello Merisi! I hope your day has turned upside down and now it is a ver good day indeed.
    I do want to tell you this. As you know I collect Venice pictures(I'll probably never be able to go there, but I think if I did, all I would end up with is some photos and memories...
    so I collect other peoples photos and have half of it:)))
    I've seen a lot of Venice photos, so many of them the same...yours' are different, you see things different, you look in different places! A fresh view!

  2. You are so sweet, Idahl, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    If it were not for your comment, I would have deleted this post today. ;-)
    The evening in fact turned out fine, I watched a movie that played in Rome, and seeing the Eternal City always makes me happy. :-)
    (While I was trying to write this, the plumber arrived, his third try to make our brandnew heating system work, finally.)

  3. I loved the cute...

    Bendtherulz Kninja from INDIA LOL


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