Thursday 1 March 2007

Venetian Colors


  1. I'm glad blogger let you post pictures. That first one is terrific! What a great candid. Well the second one is pretty great too. OK - I admit it - I love them all... :-)

  2. What lovely colours !! Look at the lady, what looks she's giving. loll... Excellent.

    Was there some festival going on ? You sure must have enjoyed it a lot. I guess I went in wrong time. :((

  3. @ tic:
    Thank you, Tara. She looks so lovely, for me she's Titiana, the Fairy Queen in Shakespeare's "Midsommernight's Dream".

  4. @ cuckoo:
    I was there during the last days of the Venetian Carnevale, magic days indeed.
    While seeing the Festival events was great, I enjoyed the quiet backwater calles at least as much.

  5. There are looks and then there are LOOKS.. these pics are so hard to come by...isn't it...I am mean, the way you can see in a person's eyes and weave a story ....amazing!

    I loved the second one a lot....and last one I liked the way arch is sort of making a oblong shape reflection .

    I think your hangover is still not!

  6. Venice is like a sea of these kind of beautiful images, all you need to do, is pointing your camera (and hope, it works *laugh*).

    Hangover? *sigh*
    Well, "it's almost as if you've been afflicted with a disease you can't get rid of" (remember that song by the "Disturbed" Band?). It's the kind of illness I love to suffer though, I might add, bravely. ;-)

  7. I look at this pic again...oh my god one can easily fall in love with her....!

    Yeah...I know its like sweet just embrace and welcome with your open arms...after all thats the only option left...change the path and you regret for life...!


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