Wednesday 28 February 2007

Blue: When The Sun Comes Out In Venice

"When the sun comes out
And the rain stops beating on my window pane
When the sun comes out
There'll be blue birds 'round my door
Singing like they did before

(Lyrics from a Barbara Streisand song)


  1. Wow...lovely....I have to get back there!!!!

  2. How beautifully you have captured the blue.
    My digital camera didn't work last year when I visited Venice. Now I have a new one, and am looking so much forward to capture the city in photos.

  3. How can one stand so much beauty?

  4. well at least you didn't have to wear those high boots or did you?
    San Marco does not look too flooded..just wet..?

  5. P.S.
    That is the BEST Venice costume I've ever seen!

  6. Thank you all! :-)
    @ gypsy purple:
    Ever since I left la Serenissima, I am plotting my return. ;-)
    @ britt-arnhild:
    So glad you do get second chance to capture some precious sights on camera (isn't it a fact, that those capricious things always seem to let us down when we need them most?).
    @ irene:
    I certainly come close to feeling heavenly bliss.
    @ Paris Breakfasts:
    No floods. There was sunshine every day, rain only on my last morning (and I revelled in it!By two o'clock I was able to sit outdoors again in the sun and enjoy my last cappuccino before heading to the train station).
    I have more costumes down my archives. ;-)


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