Saturday 24 February 2007

Venetian Scenes

Three ladies lunching in a campo in front of a church.

Three gentlemen acalling.

Whom are they calling for?


  1. Oh... these are really lovely! I'm glad the cropping worked for you:> I think the lady in the foreground of the top picture is so elegant. Her eyes seem to sparkle:> I hope someday I will visit Italy and see Venice. It is one of my dreams...

  2. This was a scene that fascinated me. A restaurant that is located on the other side of the Campo had moved its lunch patrons into the sun. The tables and persons seemed to belong to a doll house, with the tall facade of the big church hovering over them, and their dresses out from a scene in an Ibsen play. The setting reminded me of a play at the Salzburg Festival, ("Everyman. The play of the rich man's death by Hugo von Hofmannsthal), which is famous for its impressive setting under the Cathedral facade. I crossed the square twice to be able to take the picture on the sly. ;-)

  3. Great Photos! ( as usual! :o)

    Have you been to My marrakesh blog? it is amazing that there is a link via the book you recommened! So, Vienna, Australia Via Morrocco!

  4. Merisi - I've been working all week and just now getting back to the blogs. Wow! The scenery looks amazing! Did you have the *best* time? Are you going to write up a travelog of sorts so we can hear about your experiences there? Thousands of pictures don't seem unreasonable at all -how could you not?

  5. @ Simon:
    Has Peter Matthiesen been mentioned on the My Marrakesh blog? Escaped me. One would have to add Washington DC as a connecting point also, it's there that I discovered PM.
    @ TLC:
    Thank you, Tara!
    I'll stay with mostly pictures. I hope to manage to find the drive to finally make a travel scrapbook. I am lazy as can be in that regard. :-(


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