Saturday 24 February 2007

In the Venetian Lagoon: The Island of Burano

For information about the island of Burano,
click here, for more about its lace making traditions, go here.


  1. whats really cool about these photos is that they highlight the beautiful colours!

  2. Thank you, Simon.

    I am very frustrated with my Sony camera. I went to a photo exhibition yesterday and took some pictures there and later of the Demel's Easter shop window, and on most of the pictures the same effect (better, defect) shows up again. So the camera is worthless, the fourth Sony camera within two years.

    Now I have to decide which digital camera to buy next. Cannons fare better in the reliability department apparently. I've seen a Ricoh brand camera that seems interesting. I'd love to have some feedback from you readers out there.

    I have two "old" professional quality analog Nikons with all the whistles and lenses, they are great cameras, yet I don't use them anymore. Too heavy to carry around, if I get to make pictures, I need one of those little miracle workers in my pocket. Functioning ones, that is.

    I may or may not load up any more of my embarassingly repetitive (twice over) Venice photos and, still trying to get over the Venice Blues, I am not in the mood right now to shoot any new "walking pictures" of Vienna,
    so there may be a pause in blogging for me.

    I appreciate your visits and your comments more than you may imagine, and I hope you will be coming back when I'll have new pictures to share with you.

    You all have a good Sunday,
    and good blogging to you,

  3. I thought you had done these like this on purpose! It is a cool effect, but I can understand that you would want to have the tiled look only when you choose! I have a small Lumix digital camera (it's really a Leica in disguise, but less expensive) that I keep in my pocketbook so I can take pictures whenever I see something interesting. It's tiny, light, and takes such amazing photographs. I also have an Olympus E10, which takes beautiful pictures, but it's an SLR and heavy, so that only goes out for special trips. I have been extrememly happy with bothe cameras:>

    You could crop some of these into just one tile, and if the resolution is high, you could get a good single image. What you photograph is so beautiful...this is a real multitude of riches!

  4. Truly amazing.

    I linked to your blog in my Sunday Booktalk today.

  5. @ Carla:
    Thank you so much for your kind words, the information and suggestions! Me and my kids played with the images on Adobe Photoshop and the "Venetian Scenes" above are the result of it. :-)

    @ Britt-Arnhild:
    You are so sweet! Thank you, that was really a beautiful Sunday surprise. Can't wait til you get to Venice!

  6. Following up on my quite whiny comment this morning, I'd like to add that I'm now over "it", i.e. the disappointment over the camera problems (not over the Venetian Blues though!). :-)
    I had so much fun shooting the photos, and I shall keep nothing but those beautiful moments and days in my memory as they were. No more picture blues.
    And thank you once more from the bottom of my heart for your support.

  7. Welcome!

    As for Sony product. Usually expensive, usually not that good to work with. I use Sony Studios to record music and even the engineers there don't like the equipment. So, perhaps Pentax?

  8. OMG - that was on purpose...infact while reading the comment...I just realised you never wanted that look Lol....I was about to ask you how did you get that !!

    I will check some websites and get some information for you. I think in all probability Digi ( mini pocket sz ) will be good...

    I always carry digi as well as my other bulky camera...he he he

  9. @ Simon:
    I liked to work with my Sony Cyber-shots, the five or six I managed to waste the last two years, from the 3.2 or so to the 7.2, all of them seemed to have a built-in short life span (well, one died when I dropped her, at the age of two months *g*). If anybody wants to know, I can list the reasons I loved them as well why I shall never buy another Sony. They are too unreliable. I'd be grateful for any information about other cameras.
    I loved to shoot really great pictures with my Nikons and my Pentax, I used to develop them myself and make my own silver gelatine prints. Back in the States I had access to a photolab, but not here. :-(


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