Monday 26 February 2007

Venice: Cappuccinos and Marrons Glacés For All

... "buzzing around the house on espresso" ...
From "Morning ", a poem by Billy Collins
(Read it at
The Poetry Foundation's

website, here).

Yes, Carol, I thought of you, sweetly. :-)

My Venice trip was a last minute deal:
Carol recommanded her hotel, and
they were booked out,
so the concierge walked over to his collegue
at the other side of the calle,
where he found a room for me.

Can a trip start in any nicer way?


  1. Yippie...good to see you !!

    Sniff sniff....that coffee looks so good...!!

    Gr8 way to get your holiday started...!

  2. che colazione magnifica! Ne vorrei una così ora :-)

  3. @ bendtherulz:
    I always find the shortest way to the next bar, whatever my port of entry in Italy. And have never ever had a bad coffee experience there. Got at least five servings a day during my stay in Venice. And still fell asleep the instant my head hit the pillow (more than 12 hours of walking do that to you *g*).
    @ francesca:
    Sai che alle dieci di questa mattina, in mezzo al traffico di Vienna, avevo questa visione: un cornetto e un cappuccino, li', davanti a me. Era una sensazione cosi' intensa e reale che potevo addirettura sentire il profumo di caffe'. Ma, *puff*, se n'e' andata via in un'instante. :-(
    Comunque, domani mattina ti serviro' un proprio cappuccino italiano. Prometto. :-)


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