Tuesday 30 January 2007

Tuesday's State of the Tulips



  1. I am breathless!This is so sixties to my eyes! It reminds me of my childhood and my mum's bedroom.

  2. Beautiful flowers. I took a photo of these in Paris...

    I love the gates too Merisi, thanks for sharing


  3. Irene,
    my parents bedroom had curtains with flowers. I remember the sunlight falling through the fabric in the afternoons, when we kids were allowed to nap in their bed.
    I love Park Avenue in New York in springtime, tulips as far as the eyes can see.
    The gates, yes, one of my many unexpected encounters with beauty so typical for me in Vienna.

  4. hey Merisi, thanks for your blog... when I crank up my work computer it brightens my office...

  5. Simon:
    I'm glad I can share those beautiful things.
    Sharing at least one beautiful thing a day with my overseas friends was the reason I went into blogging. :-)
    Have a good day!


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