Tuesday 30 January 2007

8th District: Doll's Flower Shop

Doll's Blumen
Lange Gasse 62
1080 Wien

Doll's show windows at Christmas time:
The Upside Down Christmas Tree.



  1. I love the refection of light, the clearness of color!

  2. Very nice pictures.
    One question... what's exactly is there in the first picture ?

  3. @ tongue in cheek:
    It was a grey morning, last Sunday, with little reflective light if not for the shiny objects in the shop window.

    @ Cuckoo:
    As far as I could discern (shop was closed), those two giant silver tulips are vases or flower pots. Schönborn Park's trees are reflected in the store window also.
    Maybe this causes some confusion.


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