Tuesday 21 November 2006

Tuesday's Rose

Gray sky, low light all day.
What a pleasure to discover
this morning these roses in the courtyard
of our corner bakery.

The same courtyard in September:
Saturday Morning at the Corner Bakery


  1. Lovely rose pics....was that blush on the petal in last pic natural or just an effect...! Very pretty !!

  2. All your roses pictures are amazing. Those flowers are indeed a symbol of a perfect beauty.

  3. @ Bend:
    Could be the light "breaking", the rose seemed pure white. It was a day with no sunshine. I'll have to have another look.

    @ May:
    I was wondering myself the other day about the many roses one encounters in this city. There is a serious love affair going on between the viennese and this beautiful flower, right down to the city administration. ;-)


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