Tuesday 21 November 2006

Being Green in November

Osage Orange in Bennetton Shop
13th District

Household store on Kohlmarkt
First District

A sampling of the creativity of Viennese shop window decorators:
Window Eating at Café Konditorei Gerstner
Matteo Thun's Coffee Cups
Autumn Highlights
Penguins at the Optician's: Babysitter Blues



  1. Gorgeous greens. Those Osage oranges are very interesting... Is it edible? What *does* it look like inside?

  2. The top photo - I think my brain looks like that one some days.

  3. @ Tic:
    I used to collect these beautiful fruits of fall around my home on the Eastcoast (there's a street called Persimmon Tree Road in a D.C. suburb, which was splattert with those fruits in late fall). In Williamsburg, Va, there is a wooden area covered with the thorny bushes that bear these fruits. I got scratched all over collecting some of the jumbo sized ones. ;-) Funny thing is, I don't remember ever cutting one open. When the start to rot, one needs to get rid of them quickly or the raise a stink. I do not know if the fruit is edible. Osage Orange Pie, who knows? ;-)

  4. @ Meg:
    "Brain". Yep. Just a little less green, perchance?


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