Monday 20 November 2006

Volksgarten: Rose Garden in Late November


The Burgtheater

The Town Hall

Monument to Austrian Poet Franz Grillparzer
In the background to the left
the Museum of the History of Art,
to the right, the Natural History Museum

Through the iron railings along Dr. Karl-Renner-Ring,
a view of the Parlament building

The Rose Garden in bloom:
Late Summer Rose
Stop and Smell the Roses
Early Morning at the Volksgarten
Late October Rose.


  1. Such a contrast....there is a cold beauty even there as well...!
    BTW - left comment on Oct rose..that was some wild pic... liked that a lot...!

    Beside Sunset and sky lines, flowers are another subject which I love to capture on I am in dilema should I be posting all those flowers ( which I clicked in US) on Indian!

  2. *sigh* It's like taking a stroll in an exotic city - trolling through all of your fabulous photos. (Well - that's EXACTLY what it is, isn't it?)

    I love the structure of winter gardens. All of those pruned rose bushes - almost skeletal and somewhat eerie - but so neat, and unlike their summer incarnations...


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