Wednesday 8 November 2006

Out of Vienna: From My Odds N Ends File

Heinrich Heine and Robert Schumann
"In Love" at "Villa Wertheimstein"
It took me a long time
to figure out that the figure on top is not a deer.
Anyway, this poster somehow tickled my funny bone. ;-)

Gotcha! :-)

"The Coquette Eggholder"
Found in a shop window in Burggasse

I noticed this beautiful brass intarsia, reminiscent of Tiffany's style, on one of my walks and photographed it. Now I can't remember its location anymore! I recently looked for it on the sidewalk in front of the new Tiffany store on Kohlmarkt, but to no avail.

Goldilocks and the three Wild Boars?
I have no memory of taking this shot. ;-)

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