Tuesday 7 November 2006



The store sign on the
"Dreimäderlhaus" in the foreground
marks the retail store of the
shoe manufacturer Ludwig Reiter,
founded in 1885 and still in business today.

Ludwig van Beethoven
lived from 1804 to 1815
in the so-called Pasqualatti-Haus,
the taller building towering of the Dreimäderlhaus.

He composed here on Mölkerbastei among other works
the opera Fidelio and three of his symphonies.
There's a Beethoven museum
on the top floor, in the apartment next to the original
Beethoven residence.

(House of the Three Maidens)
(on the right)
(adjoining the Pasqualatihaus)
In the background, the main building
of the University of Vienna




  1. What magnificent buildings and so interesting to see where Beethoven lived. Great to visit this afternoon.

  2. Hi, Becca,
    I took a little detour over to Mölkersteig as I walked to a friends house near the Votivkirche today. The late afternoon light was beautiful and I took more pictures of the Pasqualati house. Probably posting them tomorrow.
    See you,


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