Wednesday 22 November 2006

Vienna Musikverein

The Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein
This is the home of the
New Year's Day concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra


  1. How gorgeous. How lucky are you? (And us, for all the amazing pictures you are taking)

  2. So hw was the concert? I would love to attend one -given chance !! Its not as if we do not get our share of concerts - we do keep getting people from Salzburg - though I feel its quite different - not the artist...but the audience...!

  3. To all of you:
    As always, I appreciate your comments very much, I'll try to answer them over the weekend. Today and tomorrow I will be busy preparing a Thanksgiving meal for family and friends (we will hold the dinner tomorrow, scheduling constraints in a no-thankgiving-holiday Vienna *g*: my four kids want to include almost a dozen of their closest friends).
    The best of Thanksgiving to all of you,

  4. Four children...and you have time to breathe? Good on you for your organization.

  5. I have seen the inside of the place so many times on televisions and videos. How wonderful that you can show us a more personal picture. I especially like the second from the top - you see the light from the outside and one gets excited imagining what's happening inside!

  6. To all of you:
    I was so lucky that a friend invited me to this special kind of musical afternoon, a rehearsal of an upcoming "Soirée" concert by the Wiener Philharmoniker, conducted by Georges Prêtre, with music by Johannes Brahms (Symphonie Nr. 2, D-Dur, op. 73), Richard Strauss (Rosenkavalier-Suite, o. op. 145) and Maurice Ravel (La valse). Heart warming, the 82 (!) year old Prêtre, conducting the Brahms symphony with great energy and athleticism. At the end of this long masterpiece, his lucid mind recalled even the slightest transgression of a single musician. If one needs any proof that music keeps you young, he's living it. There's a high number of seemingly very young musicians in the orchestra, even a good number of women have now joined its ranks.


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