Sunday 11 March 2018

Sunday Morning in Vienna
Mass with Choir and Orchestra at Augustinian Church

Located at Josefsplatz,
one of the most beautiful squares in Vienna

Founded by Frederick the Handsome in the 14th century,
this official church of the Habsburg court has seen many an imperial wedding -
among others, in 1810 the nuptials of French emperor Napoleon
to the Habsburg princess Marie Luise

Today it is probably best known
for a magnificent white marble sculpture of Antonio Canova
at the tomb of Archduchess Marie Christina,
a beloved daughter of Empress Maria Theresa.
A small crypt with more than four dozen hearts
of the imperial Habsburgs, kept in silver urns,
also seems to attract a fair share of visitors

High mass on Sundays
Heavenly voices of the church choir,
with full orchestra and organs, fill the nave -
if you love musica sacra, this is where you want to be

Photographed Sunday 7 June 2015
Images and Text © by Merisi
-> For regular updates of events, visit the Augustinerkirche Facebook Page
-> Augustinian Church of Vienna at Wikipedia


  1. I used to hear a very young Martin Haselböck at the Augustinerkirche when they used to undertake a fresh Haydn mass each week. (Perhaps they still do?)
    The church looks marvellous as does the organ casework. But then I'm always dazzled by how luminous old Vienna is when given half an opportunity.

    1. From what I understand and have listened to over the years, they are still performing Haydn, but also works of other composers. High mass is always a musical highlight at the Augustinerkirche.
      Vienna is lucky enough to have Haselböck back for several concerts in the fall.
      There are luminous days when the light reminds me of the Gulf of Naples in September.. Yesterday morning, until about noon, was one of those.

  2. Wonderful to see such radiant light in this church. From outside, it is one of the plainest, grey, unpromising buildings in the Hofburg complex; yet when the sun floods in...thanks for capturing this view.

    1. You are welcome!
      The entrance to the church is quite unassuming, one could easily walk by without ever realising what's behind. ;-)

  3. Jaw droppingly beautiful! Wow!

  4. Lovely pictures Merisi, such a beautiful light and airy church, i can almost feel the atmosphere. I hope you had your D800 in Quiet mode :)

    1. I only photographed BEFORE mass. I'd never snap pictures during one. ;-)

    2. (I try to be unobtrusive not only in church.)

  5. Beautiful building wonderfully captured

  6. After these photos, I will HAVE to go there! And to Sunday Mass with music, too, God willing!

  7. Once I almost ascended to Heaven here, but even it wasn't my time or else they didn't want me. The Mozart Mass was sublime and it was a time when all was right with the world. Thank you, Merisi, for these fantastic photos.

  8. Now I am curious how you "almost ascended to Heaven" in this church!
    It is my favorite church, I all too often forget to take pictures there.

  9. Are these magnificent chandeliers from Lobmeyr?

  10. I agree that this is a stunningly beautiful church!


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