Sunday 31 December 2017

Winterreise with Franz Schubert
Viennese Escapes: Schloss Ochsenburg

Winter Sunset
Schloss Ochsenburg
40 minutes west of Vienna
in Lower Austria

Image and Text © by Merisi
-> Franz Schubert and Schloss Ochsenburg @ "Franz Peter Schubert":
"Many Schubertiades were organised, they frequented cafes and gardens outside Vienna, or made longer excursions into the country. It was a happy time for Schubert. One of these latter was to the Schloss Ochsenburg, and here Schubert passed the autumn months of the year 1821"
(Quoted from the "Franz Peter Schubert" homepage, linked above)


  1. Wow amazing pic.

  2. Lovely pic, and thanks for the bittersweet link to Schubert who died in 1828, 190 years ago.


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