Tuesday 6 June 2017

Einspänner and the Titanic
Coffee, the Viennese Way

Two shots of espresso
served in a glass,
topped by whipped cream

Remember how a few weeks ago I was pulling
a Proustian "Remembrance of Coffees Past",
moping about how I missed
Caffè con la panna at Cafè Latour in Rome?
Oh well, did I get a lesson
about Viennese ways to serve coffee
at my next visit to Demel's:
I learned, thanks to a kind Demelinerin,
that an "Einspänner" is but espresso
with whipped cream!
I was red up to my hair roots
and seriously contemplating
to go hide on the lower deck of the Titanic
Six years, and I am still a Beginner.
6 June 2017
Five years have passed,
Einspänner and Demel are still around!

Einspänner photographed at Demel in April 2012
Image and Text © by Merisi


  1. When I gaze at this Einspanner photo, I realize that I would like very much to have a complete Demen course in the many ways to serve coffee. I would hope that this course would also include pastry advice.


  2. Pristine perfection!
    what more can one say?

  3. And we keep learning in life, don't we? The coffee looks delicious. Oh if I only liked coffee, I would want this.

  4. Looks delicious.
    1. A barrista working in Demel's?
    2. An owner of Demel's?
    3. A person who is a regular at Demel's?
    4. A person who lives in Demel's?
    5. The President of the Demel's fan club?

  5. Looking for Friday in all the wrong places...??

  6. @ Zosia,
    it is 7) SWaitress/shopgirl/barrista at Demel's ;-)

  7. Espresso on it's own is too strong for me, yet with all of this fancy, fluffy yums, I might be able to manage it;)

  8. My best friend is coming to visit next week. She just returned from Rome and has been telling me about the cappuccinos she had there. I'm sure I will feel under pressure when I am preparing espressos for her in the morning. I think I will need to whip up a big bowl of heavy cream for each serving!


  10. Isn't it the traditional drink for the Fiaker drivers, when they need some energy to keep on going? That's what I was told when I was a child.


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