Monday 15 May 2017

Austrian Slow Food
Open Air Genussfestival at Vienna's Stadtpark

Photographed 14 May 2017
Images © by Merisi

-> Genussfestival Information at "Welcome to Vienna":
"... a place of epicurean delights: The "Genussfestival" will be a showcase for select culinary specialties from Austria.
Escargots and wine from Vienna, gray poppyseed oil from the Waldviertel, Carinthian honey, saffron from the Wachau, spicy cheese from Vorarlberg: At the Vienna Culinary Festival from 12 to 14 May 2017, Austria’s best food producers and small manufactories invite you to enjoy and taste specialties in one of the city’s most attractive parks. The 190 exhibitors in the park will be joined by numerous organic products in the “Origin Marquee” and tasting sessions offered directly by agricultural producers. A chef also serves up tasty treats in the marquee. The Culinary Festival is being held for the tenth time in 2017."


  1. A lovely event, but for the many people taking advantage of the free samples. Our son and I had to manage the elbow-ing and line cutting to even reach many of the vendor's tables.

  2. Kurwenal16 May, 2017

    How bright & colourful. Strauss looks as if he is playing to a select tent camp, wonderful melodies to go with wonderful food. Must look out for Carinthian honey and Voralberg cheese.

  3. A wonderful gathering. The greens in the city are really a wonderful escape!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. I can see that drawing people in.


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