Tuesday 16 May 2017

A Viennese Rainy Day
There Slumbers a Song in All Things

A Glass of Rosé
Liquid sunshine on a rainy day

Luminous Tilia blossums

Ludwig van Beethoven
A song in his heart

Photographed 28 May 2014
on a rainy afternoon in Heiligenstadt,
in Vienna's 19th District
Images and Text © by Merisi

About Linden Trees
My childhood years were spent under two giant linden trees, said to be a hundred years old.
Before bedtime, my mother would often sing the "The Linden Tree" lied,
from Schubert's "Winterreise", to lyrics by poet Wilhelm Müller:
By the fountain, near the gate,
There stands a linden tree;
I have dreamt in its shadows
So many sweet dreams
I remember falling asleep on late May evenings in a room filled with the fragrance
of tilia flowers, and awakening to the sound of millions of honey bees buzzing in the trees.

Link -> "The Linden Tree" sung by Hermann Prey
(I have fond memories of listening to Hermann Prey singing this song, during one of his performances of the "Winter Journey" in Rome)


  1. Anonymous29 May, 2014

    Beautiful shots, Merisi. The way you catch the light in your photographs, is your signature.

  2. Flowering linden trees are a part of my childhood memories as well, thanks for sharing, Merisi :)

  3. Merisi, your linden tree memories are quite beautiful, and you've also allowed me to see rose in a new light.

    Your photography is truly splendid. xo

  4. Love that old statue, worn by time.

  5. Am Brunnen vor dem Tore... Ah yes, I have very fond memories of that lovely song as well. Thanks.

  6. ahhhhhhhh, in vienna, even a rainy day, can be beautiful...


  7. What beautiful pictures! They make me feel happy!

  8. Very beautiful...reflections of a happy soul who lives in Vienna!

  9. Beautiful shots, Merisi. I really like that worn statue.

  10. So lovely, both the images and the words. All things sing . . .

  11. Liquid sunshine, what a perfect description. Gorgeous light too

  12. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty. Love the story of your childhood Linden trees. Sounds magical!

  13. How lovely to have memories of this song from your childhood.

  14. I have a very different photo of this statue from my trip to Vienna: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jenifgrr/357033807/in/set-72157594480167785
    My favorite, however is this one: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jenifgrr/357033813/in/set-72157594480167785/

  15. I do not know the LINDEN TREE!Better FIX that PRONTO!

  16. I love some of the colours you have around your beautiful world.. like turquoise window frames.. you never see that here. Of course the frames alone are more beautiful there. The first photo is just stunning.. the colours.. the light.. the composition. It's perfect, Merisi.

  17. Oh, the reflection in the wineglass! And the beautiful linden tree memories. . .


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