Tuesday 14 February 2017

Tulips on Valentine's Day
A True Story, Blue Truck Included

What really happened
Merisi was sipping
real Italian coffee -
right here in Vienna

and sipping and looking
at the tulips
and the street beyond

when all of a sudden,
a blue truck drove by.
- The end -

Photographed 14 Febbraio 2012
at Bubbacco alimentari bar paninoteca
Ungargasse 55, 3rd District
Images and text © by Merisi


  1. Happy Belated Valentine's! Tulips are the flower of our house this year too -beautiful pinks, reds, and white. Hope your freeze has passed by or that you've sent it to us ;)

  2. Liebe Merisi, Das war eine schoene Geschichte.

  3. Beautiful tulips! Yesterday I bought myself a bunch of pink roses for a belated Valentine´s Day...

  4. Was it High Noon when it happened? Merisi, you could compete with the best sheriffs from American westerns, you are such a quick shot (camera shatter-wise) :-)

  5. I love true stories :-) And I love blue :-)

  6. Azzurro !!!!!!!!I like very much !!!!!!

  7. Pretty colors! I have a tulip about to bloom at my house.

  8. What a lovely short story. The blue truck makes a perfect backdrop to beautiful tulips.

  9. The blue truck of happiness.

  10. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU, MERISI! Isn't it wonderful how colors talk to each other too?

  11. Color color color... blue like the sky, multi colors like the world ... relaxing with coffee and sunshine... life is good .. A perfect picture and commentary. Simple elegant and right !! :-) Love it ......

  12. Less than 4 weeks now until I am visiting YOUR city, a city you have promoted so well!
    Always a pleasure to see these coffee places (and the city) via your eyes and your camera.
    THANKS for sharing!


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