Friday 9 December 2016

Christmas in Vienna
A few of my favorite Things

Zwettlhof Courtyard towards Wollzeile
A passage way from the Cathedral Museum
entrance at Stephensplatz #6 leads you through Zwettlhof
towards Wollzeile. At Wollzeile #4, you can continue
on your walk across yet another picturesque courtyard,
the Schmeckender Wurm Hof (Smacking Worm Courtyard)

Adelheid's Luxury Christmas Cookies
Christmas cookies from Vienna,
hand-made of the choicest organic ingredients,
following recipes from south of Vienna,
the Burgenland region around Lake Neusiedl
Ballgasse 4

Cafè Frauenhuber
At Heaven's Gate Lane,
Himmelpfortgasse, more than
a heavenly address

Images and Text © by Merisi
50mm lens

-> Adelheid's Luxury Christmas Cookies
-> Cathedreal Museum of the Archdiocese of Vienna
-> Merisi's excursions to Burgenland


  1. Delightful.
    The photos make me feel "in the spirit".
    Whoo Hoo...I have finally gotten my space cleared so I can assemble our tree.
    Not really feeling it though. I just got back from a hard session at the dentist.
    My smile will be great once all the "stuff' is done. About 2 more times...groan...

  2. The passageway looks inviting!

  3. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place

  4. The last photo is FANTASTIC.......for many reasons!

  5. Hopefully, someday I can visit Vienna during the holidays! So beautiful...

  6. Very lovely. I always find it interesting to see how countries other than my own decorate for the holidays, so thanks for this!


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