Monday 31 October 2016

The Great Pumpkin and other Halloween Happenings
Merisi's Postcards from America

One Great Pumpkin
Lincoln Park
Washington, DC

Looking Up Looking Down
Charleston, South Carolina

Scaredy Cat
Charleston, South Carolina

Hanging Around
Jonesborough, Tennessee

Halloween in Maggie Valley
North Carolina

Happy and safe Halloween
to all of you!

Images and Text © by Merisi
Repost from November 2012
Please bear with me, but this time of the year
I get this twang in the heart and miss being South of the Dixie Line
This link illustrates a few of the reasons for my nostalgia:
Merisi's Postcards from America


  1. I recognize that last one! Happy Halloween, dear Merisi!

  2. The skeletons on the balcony are my favourite!

  3. I have enjoyed your postcards south of the dixie line. Happy Halloween to you too Merisi.

  4. I like the Charleston one - creepy in a very classy way!

  5. Merisi, you've a charming seasonal twang! I love these southern images. xo

  6. I imagine that Linus would like this place as he waits for The Great Pumpkin.


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