Sunday 10 July 2016

Say it with Flowers
Viennese Moments in Time

Pink Hydrangeas
Flower greetings in the vestibule
of a Viennese apartment building

Photographed the evening of 9 July 2016
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Love the nice vivid colors against the soft light backdrop.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. A daydream of live in one the exquisite apartment buildings of with a courtyard! Your many windows, courtyards, doorways and facades provide steady nourishment for the daydream....thank you, Merisi

  3. Merisi, that vase of flowers is a perfect welcome, bringing the garden indoors. The vase and hydrangeas surely belong together. I'm now wondering if that particular sunlit nook always holds some flowers, and if so, might we please see some more photographs over the coming weeks or months? You have again opened a doorway to wonderful opportunities. xo

  4. Bright and beautiful.
    I love this.


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