Tuesday 26 April 2016

When Lilacs bloom in April
Vienna in Springtime

Lilacs Everywhere
Looking up from Burggarten -
formerly the emperor's private garden -
seeing lilacs, the steeple of the Augustinian church,
and the roof of the palm house, built for Emperor and avid gardener Franz Joseph
in the early 1900s by Jugenstil architect Friedrich Ohman.

Photographed 22 April 2016 at lunchtime
Image and Text © by Merisi


  1. Great building. The beauty (and the SMELL ) of this tree is also fantastic! Glad you brought your camera with you at lunch time:)

  2. i love lilacs ... and i took a photo with a similar perspective only .. well you'll see ...

  3. CAN one smell or see TOO many LILACS?

  4. Beautiful! We see them in late May here.


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