Monday 25 April 2016

Three Minutes of April Weather
Walking past Egon Schiele's last Studio

Threatening sky
in one direction

Calm and blue
in the other one

Dark clouds

Lilacs bending
in the wind

Heavy raindrops
falling on the far side of the street

Schiele's ghost
safe behind the studio windows

Photographed 25 April 2016 with my mobile phone
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. How strange to think these skies are all on the same day within minutes of each other.

    1. Indeed, and that's why I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures! ;-)
      All I needed to do was turn around.

  2. Merisi, I love such contrasts that nature can paint across the sky. You've captured them so well. You've also made me wonder, not for the first or hundredth time, when I might actually own a phone with a camera.

    Did you ever see my 2016 Park Avenue tulip pictures? xo


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