Sunday 17 April 2016

One enchanted April Evening
Visiting Gustav Klimt's Neighborhood

It was such a beautiful
balmy evening

I decided to walk a
few blocks

before heading home -
these are a few of the impressions

that I captured
with my mobile camera

Photographed 24 April 2015
in Hietzing, Vienna's 13th District

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. So much colorful, glorious beauty, Merisi!! And, as always, your captures are superb!! Thank you for sharing the Spring beauty!! Have a beautiful weekend!! Enjoy!!

  2. I'm going to Vienna in a few months to pay my respect to Herr Klimt and to finish my book about him.

  3. Very serene and picturesque. I must get a handy mobile phone one day. Mine is very old and takes pretty awful shots.

  4. what a lovely walk .. wish i could have been there with you .. of course if i had, well, likely we'd be talking and stopping for a coffee!

  5. What a beautiful spring evening in Vienna!

  6. Reflections, shadows and blooms. You capture them so well. Thanks for sharing

  7. spring, oh spring...soo lovely and enjoyable. Love to see those cherry blossoms :)


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