Saturday 5 March 2016

Light in Spring
Viennese Moments

Lessing Monument

Let the Sunshine into the Kitchen
Come in for spring cookbooks!
Babette's Spice and Books for Cooks
Am Hof Square

Turning a Corner

Photographed 12 March 2014
Images © by Merisi
-> Babette's Spice and Books for Cooks
-> Judenplatz "was the center of Jewish life and the Viennese Jewish Community in the Middle Ages. It is located in the immediate proximity of Am Hof square, Schulhof, and Wipplingerstraße.
It exemplifies the long and eventful history of the city and the Jewish community focused on this place."
-> German poet Gotthold Ephraim
"was in Vienna in 1775/76, had an audience with Joseph II.,[17] and was therefore in a position to influence and shape the Viennese cultural climate. Lessing's "Ringparabel" in the drama "Nathan der Weise" is considered a key text of the Enlightenment and helped in the formulation of the idea of tolerance."
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  1. Your photos are marvelous. They show a beautiful city. Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you a very happy weekend :)

  2. I am not a big fan of cities, much preferring the tranquility of nature, but I am sure that of all cities I would feel most at home in Vienna, with its incredible connections to good music. And I am sure I would find a few birds in the parks also!

  3. I just love those city views. Excellent

  4. Lessing's statue particularly stands out. It looks like winter has lifted out of Vienna.

  5. These photos are just gorgeous!



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