Sunday 6 December 2015

Christmastime in Vienna
Morning to Night

Mary at the Shore church
at Salvatorgasse,
captured from Sterngasse

The Sacher
A glimpse from Philharmonikergasse

Christmastime in Austria
"The angels are baking Christmas cookies,"
my mother used to tell us children when
the sun set in a sea of rose and magenta -
rose tinted morning skies are also
part of Austria's December color palette

Images and Text © by Merisi
-> Maria am Gestade church @ Wikipedia:
"Maria am Gestade (English: Mary at the Shore) is a Gothic church in Vienna, Austria. One of the oldest churches in the city—along with St. Peter's Church and St. Rupert's Church—it is one of the few surviving examples of Gothic architecture in the Vienna. Located in the Innere Stadt at Salvatorgasse 12, near the Donaukanal, the church was traditionally used by sailors on the Danube river. The name reflects the former location on the Fluvial terrace of an arm of the Danube river, prior to its regulation."


  1. Lovely as usual Merisi, that sky in the last picture is amazing...

  2. Beautiful photos and last pics is just awesome

  3. Great shots of Vienna. Would love to see the Schönbrunn Christmas Market this year. Maybe you can take some shots there if you happen to visit. If you like you can link it up on this weeks "Through my Lens" Link is below.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. i love naked tree limbs .. so lovely so very seasonal .. and what a gorgeous city you live in

  5. Merisi, these Christmastime views are gently lovely. Nice to have a moment to enjoy this this morning, with my second cup of coffee.

    I love your mother's description of the rosy sky. xo

  6. The steeple is particularly impressive.


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