Tuesday 3 November 2015

First Hoarfrost in Schönbrunn
Autumn in Vienna

The Schönbrunn Conservatory
First hoarfrost on the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace

White Rose
Schönbrunn's rose garden

Merisi's Folly

Photographed in the early morning
of 2 November 2015
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. Oh, so pretty! I particularly like your folly!

  2. Oh, what a beauty that second one is -- the rose and the frost!

  3. The first frost eh, well you've beaten us! Lovely pictures particularly the second one and I like your 'folly'...

  4. What stunning delights, and that looks like a pretty good frost, almost like an icing. That first image is really beautiful, what an amazing place, and I like your folly as well~

  5. It's so pretty, the frost in the city. I watch it here out my window the last few mornings, on the big farm fields. Disappears with the first rays of sun.

  6. It's good to have a large public conservatory in a city that has cold winters. I used to visit the two in Chicago all the time when I lived there. It was like walking into Florida from Alaska.

  7. Beautiful!
    Can't wait to get out there in a few weeks!

  8. What a capture of the rose and frost. So beautiful. You must of been standing on your head when you took that third picture.

  9. I love that glass house and saw it on two separate visits to Vienna - the architecture of course but also the uses of the internal spaces.

  10. What a beautiful setting! The greenhouse looks fabulous.


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