Sunday 29 November 2015

Café Diglas
In a Viennese Coffee House

Café Diglas
In Charles Baudelaire's words,
"there all is beauty and symmetry,
pleasure and calm and luxury"

Hungry anyone?
Viennese coffee houses started serving meals
after the price of coffee beans rose sharply
during Napoleon's 1808 Continental Blockade of England

Sweet Temptation
Who could resist Baked Apple Tiramisu,
the Diglas take of the Italian dessert
composed of layers of sponge cake,
served the Viennese way?

Photographed at
Café Diglas
A stone's throw from
St. Stephen's cathedral
Wollzeile 10

Images © by Merisi

-> Café Diglas Homepage
-> History of Viennese Coffee Hauses at the City of Vienna's homepage


  1. Such a welcome and so thoughtful - the glowing veneers, the ivory light through pleated shades, the glazed vestibule and red banquettes. You've gathered a lot of charm into a single frame there, Merisi.

  2. Merisi, I can only imagine how delicious apple tira misu might be. I guess that there would be only one way to discover how to made imagination reality.

    Maybe next year.... xo

  3. Looking at that dessert.... I've died and gone to heaven!

  4. I suddenly got hungry:)
    Looks nice in there.

  5. Wonderfully bright pictures, capturing the captivating Diglas air. I was there just a week ago, and the best Kase Omlette in the city.

  6. What a comfortable looking place, add the tiramisu, coffee and heaven is found

  7. I thought I had somehow missed a few days of your postings, but I see you had three today....Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here, and I am thankful for my favorite blogs among other blessings. Yours is certainly one for which to be thankful!

  8. Every time I visit your blog, I feel the need for a cafe and some delicious treat!
    That and the whole wanting to jump on a plane to Europe thing!

    Can you believe it's almost December??

  9. still stuffed from our thankgiving binge, er, dinner .. but these photos have made me think maybe its time for lunch ..

  10. Great shots of the food! It looks so yummy.


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