Thursday 8 October 2015

Rose Garden Rainy Day
Vienna in Autumn

Autumn Rains
falling from leaden sky

A lunch hour walk
in the rose garden

Wet benches cautioning
to keep on walking

Luminous roses whispering
don't stop dreaming

Photographed 8 October 2015
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. The roses still look pretty!

  2. Rain or shine it makes no difference there's still pictures to be the chair pictures...

  3. IT WORKED........I GOT THE EMAIL!!!!

  4. Leaden skies feathery rose pedals. Their colors pop surrounded by dull grey. Thanks Merisi

  5. I love the be-petaled grass!

  6. Bench lining the road,something rare in my place

  7. I was smelling and admiring these roses last month! It had drizzled earlier but the chairs when I was there were dry and we sat there soaking in the moment and its beauty. I subscribed to your blog when I started planning for our holidays that included Austria but I think I am going to follow you for life; because one cannot have enough of this beautiful place especially through your perspective which is absolutely a delight to see.


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