Thursday 17 September 2015

Ernst-Fuchs-Museum at Otto Wagner Jugendstil Villa
In the Golden Evening Light

Beyond the Trees
A glimpse of the Otto Wagner Villa,
built in the 1880s in Hütteldorf,
Vienna's 14th District

Otto Wagner's Jugendstil Villa is now owned by
Viennese artist Ernst Fuchs who saved the building from oblivion

Big Esther by Artist Ernst Fuchs
Welcome to the Ernst Fuchs Museum
at the Otto Wagner Villa
Open to the public
Tuesday through Sunday
from 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM
Hüttelbergstraße 26
1140 Vienna

Photographed the evening of 13 September 2015
Images and own Text © by Merisi
Ernst Fuchs Museum at Otto Wagner Villa in Hütteldorf:
"When Fuchs’ first acquired the house, it was a ruin. It took the artist many years and a large financial investment to restore the house. The majority was restored after Otto Wagner’s initial designs and some details were supplemented by Ernst Fuchs himself."


  1. Wow that's a stunning building Merisis, thank heaven it was saved...

  2. I send lots of thanks to Ernst Fuchs for saving this magnificent building, and also for his art.

    Merisi, your photograph in the previous post of those perfectly sharpened pencils and their curly shavings is a wonder.

    There are many surprising sights to be seen in Vienna. Thank you for your guidance. xo

  3. It always amazes me when buildings like that come so close to devastation. Thank goodness it was saved! I like Big Esther!

  4. Hi Merisi,
    I have visited Vienna in August. My second time.
    Can't wait to come back and explore the outskirts.
    I had a delicious coffee at Caffe Havelka, but unfortunately they did not served any "buchty" till the evening.
    Reading your blog really helped me to choose interesting places in such a short time.
    So thank you.
    Love love your photography.

  5. Hello, what a beautiful building. I am so happy it was saved. Great photos, thanks for sharing.


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