Monday 8 June 2015

Monday Song of Sunday's Crumbs
Small Fragments of the Sweet Life

Piedmont Chocolate Cake
It was a very good cake,
and I won't complain about the crumbs

Captured in the nick of time
with my mobile phone
© by Merisi
You are not wrong who think I have a somewhat worrisome obsession with Mondays:
-> It is Monday, and we might as well . Summer's still lingering in our mind, and so is chocolate cake
-> Monday Morning and I dream of yet another Coffee!
-> Against the Dearth
of Monday Poems . Dreaming of Venezia

For my sanity's sake, that's all I will reveal for now ;-)


  1. Beautiful,simple, elegant picture and I love chocolate cake

  2. Chocolate: one of life's great pleasures!

  3. Unfortunately, no chocolate cake in my house today...

    1. Eileen, these were literally the scrapings off the parchment paper at the bottom of the baking pan. My Pavlova unfortunately did not turn out as well. In fact, it was a disaster. We ate the strawberries and cream with some of the meringue from the outer rim. ;-)

  4. Merisi, I did wonder about the source of your elegant, spontaneous photograph, and smiled to read your reply to Eileen. The Pavlova incident provided a marvelous photo op, and those crumbs look pretty delicious, too.


    1. Francis,
      the paper was under the chocolate cake. The Pavlova's parchment paper was a soggy mess and landed in the rubbish bin. ;-)

  5. how many times have i devoured something delicious morsel only to think as i swallow the last crumb .. why didn't a take a photo .. you are much smarter than i


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