Tuesday 6 January 2015

Dommayer Tram Stop
Visiting Schönbrunn

The Tram stops here
Dommayergasse stop of tram 58
Hietzing, 13th District

Less than five minutes from
the Hietzinger Tor - west gate - of Schönbrunn
and just across the street from Café Dommayer.
The building that dominates the intersection
is the 1900s home of the original Plachutta restaurant.
It is well-known for one of the hallmarks of Viennese cuisine,
the Tafelspitz, a special cut of beef slowly simmered
in its own broth. Traditionally served in a copper pot,
the beef consommé as a first course, and the sliced meat
with chive and horseradish sauces as the main dish,
alongside pan-fried potatoes and spinach

Photographed 4 January 2015
Image and Text © by Merisi
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Note: There are three stops along line 58 that take you to Schönbrunn:
1) Schönbrunn (the closest one to the main entrance and the palace)
2) Hietzing (same building as the U4 metro, above the Wienfluss)
3) Dommayergasse (a short walk from the Hietzinger Gate, the west exit of the Schönbrunn gardens)


  1. I like the tram system in Vienna. It's very easy to follow, and the stops are at most tourist destinations.

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. I could not agree more, public transportation is a gem here!

  2. Merisi, your wintry views of Vienna are marvelous. Once again, mother nature transforms the beauty of your city into a wonderland. With trams to allow all to explore the magic.


    1. Frances,
      that was really one of those brief shining moments on an otherwise grey day. I had already packed the camera away when the sun suddenly broke through the clouds for a few seconds.

  3. What a building... and that meal sounds delicious!

    1. This grand villa really dwarfs the tram stop! ;-)
      Tafelspitz, if prepared well, is a delicacy, yes.


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