Wednesday 25 January 2012

As far west as you can go in Austria
Bregenzerwald Region in Vorarlberg

Merisi's Viennese Escapes

Walk in the Sky
Bregenzerwald Region

Women's Museum
Frauenmuseum Hittisau
Bregenzerwald Region

Glazed Quail Breast
with Duck Liver on Fennel
and Pomegranate Compote
Das Schiff
Restaurant Romantik Hotel

Bregenzerwald Region

Apple Strudel in the Snow
Restaurant Cafe Alpenblick
Bregenzerwald Region

Mountains painted gold
near Sulzberg
Bregenzerwald Region

17 January 2011
in the Bregenzerwald Region
, Austria
Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. That is so beautiful. Where in Austria is it?
    You can keep that meat but I'll have the strudel!

  2. gorgeous blue against all that white! and glazed quail? *swooning* lovely images, sugar! xoxoxo

  3. Beautiful! I wish I could be there, enjoy the snow and have an Apfelstrudel...

  4. I do love some quail. Makes me hungry.

  5. Wunderwunderwunderschön! Am liebsten würde ich gleich die Koffer packen! ;-)

  6. Oh my, it does certainly look cold, magical, just dreamy there. Glazed Quail sounds really rich and grand and the rest of this post has a fabulous feel to it as well~

  7. I love these images, and I love Austria with all my heart. a beautiful country, offering so many wonderful places!

  8. Lorenzothellama:
    Jill, here is the answer to "Where in the world is Vorarlberg?" - Map of Austria
    Vorarlberg is the westernmost federal state of Austria.
    I explored the cities of Bregenz, Feldkirch and Dornbirn and the Bregenzerwald region (Switzerland is a stone's throw across the river Rhein, more or less).
    I traveled there and back by train. My return trip last Saturday was an adventure, snow and avalanches made a crossing of the Arlberg mountain range impossible. We had to leave the train at Bludenz and cross the Arlberg by bus (never seen so much snow!). We may well have been the last people to safely cross, for the night and the day after. Back on a train in Landeck, we were further delayed by fallen trees and had to take a different route back to Vienna. Amazingly, we arrived in Vienna only 3 hours late, a minute to midnight.

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    after six years in this beautiful city and exploring the city and the country beyond, I could not agree more!

  10. Fields of snow...amazing things. Especially when painted gold by the setting sun. That first photo looks like Russia, or what I imagine Russia looks like.


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