Sunday 31 August 2014

Those Luminous Days of August
Viennese Escapes: Haydn Country

Photographed exactly six years ago,
in August 2008, in the Courtyard
of Joseph Haydn's Birthplace
and the surrounding villages
R e p o s t

Clicking on the last picture
will take you to a map,
with the location of Rohrau,
only 30 miles southeast of Vienna,
in the most beautiful countryside
of Eastern Lower Austria


  1. Bonjour !

    Il est appétissant le raisin !

  2. These are such beautiful images. And I love the way you do your posts with all the little hidden treasures behind each wonderful photo!

  3. I love the second picture of the tree - with the incredible sky as a backdrop. The sky is a wonderful color - I don't even know what color blue that is but I love it! And I like the grapes. At first glance you see a bunch of green grapes but then you see the rose blush on them - and there are even a couple of wrinkled little ones. I have been enjoying my 'tour' of Vienna through your lens! Take care.

  4. What a lovely play with color in the first two photos! In the grape photo, you can feel the beginnings of fall light creeping in. What always amazes me is the beauty you find in small things....a bunch of grapes, a random young tree, a wild flower. Today's visit to your site was a delightful retreat from the first day of school chaos. Happy Monday!

  5. Grapes are so beautiful. Great light on these.

  6. Beautiful images with the light.


  7. Webradio,
    I was quite tempted to steal a berry! ;-)

    A brush with color,
    thank you! :-)
    I try to "hide" things behind the pictures, if I find the time and inspiration, great that you enjoy them. ;-)

    the background in the second pictures is actually a door.
    I had to stop the car and catch that image, the color's so unique. ;-)

    all these pictures are from a single morning, last Friday. The light is incredible, everything seems to take on this glassy quality.

    Charles Gramlich,
    I found them in the courtyard of Joseph Haydn's birthplace, a little farmhouse.

  8. Merisi: you have captured the light so wonderfully in your photos.

  9. Beautiful and so wonderfully captured. I agree I love the special little treasures you add to your post.

  10. That first photo is stunning, Merisi - wonderful composition and colours - so evocative, so inviting. Terrific shot!

  11. Love, love, love the first shot.

  12. I am smitten with the beauty of these pictures -- somehow August doesn't look like that here.

  13. Beautiful captures, Merisi, as always and a wonderful way to begin my day! Thank you!!

  14. Fabulous shots , I love simple photos I like the first one . ♥

  15. I've no idea how you "replayed" but these are wonderful. Green in green is not easy to photograph, so it shows you skill has been very consistent. Bravo.

    1. Thank you, Suzi! :-)
      I shot the pictures with my little Sony Cybershot back then.

  16. These photos are sparkling, and make me smile……broadly!


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