Sunday 3 August 2014

Horseman in Verdigris on the Roof
And other Viennese Moments

Equestrian statue high above
the corner of Graben und Kohlmarkt

A courtyard only steps
from St. Stephen's Cathedral

I spy St. Stephen's from
a narrow gap between buildings

Das Kleine Café
The Little Café

Fiaker Carriage

Photographed 17 August 2013
© Merisi

Composed while listening to
-> Felix Mendelssohn's Concerto for 2 Pianos in A-flat Major
-> on Classical WETA 90.9 FM


  1. I shot these images early Saturday morning while I was leading friends of mine on a literal running tour around St. Stephen's Cathedral and back to Michaelerplatz, after I introduced them to Demel's with coffee and cake(s) for breakfast. We had to rush back home to change into wedding finery and attend a wedding in the early afternoon. No matter, great fun was had by all, I was assured.

  2. I love these photos!! I absolutely love the picture of the cafe!! Looks like a LOVELY place to visit!! : )

  3. What a gorgeous, sunny day, Merisi!! I love your captures for the day and would love to have coffee/lunch at the cafe! And, of course, have a ride in the carriage!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Gorgeous horses of all kinds

  5. Every time I gaze at your photos I just get more wanderlust.
    I wish my wallet would cooperate.

  6. Oh, das Kleine Café - da bin ich früher, als ich noch in Wien wohnte, so oft gewesen! Und auch sonst so viele Plätze, die ich gut kenne :o)
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Traude

    1. I walk by it often. Last night, around 8 PM, the place was humming. Unfortunately, another restaurant has taken over much of that corner, with heavy tables that don't agree with the surroundings, in my opinion. Still, das Kleine ist magical.

  7. I love the look of verdigris though the watercolor paint is fugitive and near impossible to work with. Somehow I never connected the two before!?

  8. Such a civilised city, so elegant.

  9. Running tour or not, these are fantastic photos!


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