Friday 9 May 2014

Viennese Heaven and Earth
Heut' kumman d'Engerl auf Urlaub nach Wean

This is a story
of heaven and earth

and it is your privilege
to decide which is which!

I collect sky and cloud images
caught with my camera,
often from my window.
and these here are among of my favorites.

The heavenly chocolate-nougat slice
was from Ströck bakery,
at Landstrasse Hauptstrasse 68,
captured at my home, moments
before I delighted my guests with this near-manna

"Heut kumman d'Engerl auf Urlaub nach Wean" -
"Today, angels are vacationing in Vienna"
is a famous Wienerlied. This Viennese song
wonders, among other things, about the reason
tram #38 is so crowded. And in typical Viennese fashion,
the answer lies in the supernatural: Angels are vacationing
in Vienna. Afer all, Vienna's their hometown,
and being true Viennese, they ride on tram 38
out to the Viennese vineyards,
to enjoy a glass of local wine at their favorite Heurigen.

Flourishing imagination, lots of feelings,
a great sense of Wiener Humor and a touch of playful grandeur,
that is Wienerlied for me.

Images and Text © by Merisi

-> "Heut kumman d'Engerl auf Urlaub nach Wien", sang by the beloved Peter Alexander, one of the greatest entertainers out of Vienna, with a great "golden" voice (in the black and white movie with Peter Alexander, the angels on tram 38 are females - their sailor suits probably a loving ribbing of the Wiener Sängerknaben, the Viennese Boys Choir that performs in sailor suits)
-> The same song, performed by Dagmar Koller at Palais Ferstel - following is a medley of more Viennese songs
-> All you want to know about Wienerlieder
-> Ströck Feierabend Bread and Wine, Bakery and Bistrot
-> This week's edition of Sky Watch Friday


  1. Awesome skies and terrific captures for the day, Merisi, as always!! Thanks for sharing! I'd love a slice of that chocolate nougat cake!! Looks delicious!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. The chocolate addict in me must choose the cake!

  3. Do I really have to choose????
    Each is heavenly in its own way.
    Chocolate cake sounds delicious to me.

  4. the skies are wonderful, but i bet not as sweet as the nougat :)

  5. Nice one. What is the number by Demel? Great sky shots. Thanks for Showing.

  6. I love the colors in your sky photos! And, yum what a tasty treat I see. :D Fee free to come by to link up with Curious as a Cathy!

  7. Well - both are heavenly in my book - and beautifully photographed.

  8. Gorgeous. I could just stare for ages at these.

  9. Absolutely lovely. And the dessert---heavenly!

  10. Kurwenal09 May, 2014

    great pictures, good shopping treats...I vote for the coffee this time though.
    Thanks for sharing that song : magical !

  11. That cake to looks amazing and it was lovely to listen to the music too. My mother in law only travelled once aboard on a coach trip to Austria. She came back with a tape of Austrian music which we would frequently play when she came for Sunday lunches, so the music bought back many happy memories. Sarah x

  12. Anonymous10 May, 2014

    Nicht nur Engerln, auch Salzburger kommen gern nach Wean. Grüße, Ernestus.


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