Thursday 8 May 2014

Albertina Pink Bunny sees Green!
The Great Viennese Bunny Count
What would Freud make of this?

"All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream"

It's a Jungle out there!
Field day at Albertina square

Bunnies and Hares
Step-by-step plan needed
to not tread on one

Bunnies and hares follow me into my dreams these days
As if it were not enough to have to walk under
a giant pink plastic bunny at Albertina square
and literally walk over strips of Dürer's "Young Hare"
to climb the Albertina steps,
I spotted two more hares right there, on the square!
A large green plastic hare sitting on the hot dog stand
and another one, a creature of uncertain heritage,
lurking at the corner
(and I am not talking of the poster child).

Am I hallucinating?
How many bunnies/hares do you count?

Photographed 24 April 2014
Images and Text © by Merisi

-> Merisi's take of the Albertina Pink Bunny
The 100 Masterworks of the Albertina
14 March 2014 - 29 June 2014

"The large-scale presentation unites the highlights of the collection, from Michelangelo through Rembrandt and Rubens to Caspar David Friedrich. The centrepiece of the Albertina, Dürer's famous "Young Hare", is now once again accessible to an interested public in the context of this exhibit after a decade-long period of grace"
-> Google Art Project: Dürer's Hare as Gigapixel Project
-> History of Albertina Palace and its Collections
-> Edgar Allan Poe, "Dream within a Dream"


  1. The Viennese have good taste. There's nothing cuter than bunnies and hares.

    1. *chuckle*
      They are breeding them like rabbits these days. ;-)

  2. I see three in that one...

    Wascally wabbit, as Elmer Fudd would say.

    1. Three, yes, that's my guess, too! Believe it or not, I did not spot the one "lurking" beside the litfasssäule until I looked at the photograph! ;-)

      Good old Elmer J. Fudd, thanks for the memories!

  3. these are so clever and fun ... i love public art .. here in nyc we had the cow parade a few years ago, this past april faberge sponsored the big egg hunt over 200 artistically painted/decorated BIG eggs placed around the city .. i had a great time 'hunting' them and snapping pix ...

    1. Did you get to keep one of those fab eggs?
      No Fabergé egg here, two White House Easter eggs must do. ;-)

  4. I Luv Durer's bunny !!!
    The best.

    1. And the bunny loves you, even though you never visited him! ;-)

  5. What a fun post for the day, Merisi!! I do love bunnies!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


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