Tuesday 13 May 2014

In Day in the Life
Viennese Moments

Opera House
Ringstrassen Tram

Blue Man, No Group
High on a ladder

Viennese Workplace
No kidding - I have friends
who have work meetings
in several cafes and restaurants
in the course of a single day
Café Museum

Viennese Vista
Mariahilf Church
6th District

Roses in Döbling
One last appointment
18th District

Good Night, Moon!
Never ask Merisi
to take a picture of the moon ;-)

Photographed 12 May 2014
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. It must be so lovely to work in viennese coffees! More inspiring and productive that a sad office, I'm sure, ah ah!

  2. To work in cafes has a really long tradition in Vienna, I too would love to do that. Some people live there some parts of their daily lifes as well. I know a lady, about 80 years old, she is sitting in a cafe for hours every single evening, reading all the papers and chating with the waitor, who calls her lovingly Oma, which is grandma (by the way, he can´t be her grandson because of the accent). I kind of living family life in town? I think so!

    1. Thank you for this story, Elisabeth, another glimpse of the secret life of Viennese coffee houses. ;-)

  3. I have been missing my visits but will try a catch up a bit. It has been so frustrating with Google +, but I just need to get over all of the stress of it. Beautiful images great share. hoping you are well~

  4. Your photos are the next best thing to being in Vienna and I do enjoy my morning visits!! Thanks for sharing, Meris, hope your week is going well!!

  5. Gorgeous shots. The blue man seems a wee bit annoyed.

    That first shot in particular is really breathtaking.

  6. Merisi, I just don't know how you can make the most ordinary activity so special and not ordinary.
    Your glimpses of life are simply gorgeous.

  7. Each "moment" is so colorful -- literally!

  8. Thank you all!


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