Wednesday 14 May 2014

Coffee, anyone?
Lost in Schönbrunn Park

Coffee Time
Schönbrunn Park

Schönbrunn Park
In the quiet of
the early morning

Friendly Barista
Saved a caffeine-starved soul
way before opening time

Rondel of Chairs
Ah, the agony of choice!

Or would you rather
sit behind the hedge,
in a deckchair?

Là, tout n'est qu'ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté

Photographed in Schönbrunn Park
at Landtmann's Jausenstation
in the early morning of 11 April 2014

Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. I love the colorful chairs! And yes to coffee, please :)

  2. I think my back could take a deck chair better... Beautiful shots!

  3. Merisi, those colorful slotted chairs remind me of candy...and are so chic.

    Still, if I found myself with some time to relax in the great outdoors of beautiful Vienna, I think that I would choose relaxing behind the hedge in one of those sling-seated deck chairs. I imagine falling asleep in the mix of sun and shade.


  4. Though I don't care for coffee myself, I'm getting quite used to seeing the Viennese way of presenting coffee, and I do approve!

  5. I've been looking for chairs like those! I love all of the bright colors. Coffee is the best thing about morning, isn't it?

  6. those charming tables/chairs .. love the sherbet colors and j'adore the depth of field you captured

  7. Who is lost?
    the spoon safely found the glass.
    Very pretty colors!

  8. I love all these images, full of happy colors, beautiful details,sunshine and yes, - I can nearly smell the coffee:)

  9. Oh I just love chairs of all shapes and sizes.
    The colors are spectacularly wonderful. And
    I can see dreaming in the ones tucked behind the hedge.

  10. These are great. They really pop.


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